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Horrible Jeu sur iOS

ou comment défier la loi du marché avec des in-app products médiocres à 100$. iPhone Garbage: Super Monster Bros by Adventure Time Pocket Free Games – YouTube.

iPhone 5 Grid by Eddie Lobanovskiy

Jolie grid pour designer vos apps avec iOS 5. via Dribbble – iPhone 5 Grid by Eddie Lobanovskiy.

Gruber sur la keynote de l’iPhone 5

1/ Il prévoit un événement centré sur l’éducation pour octobre : My best guess for October: an education theme. A smaller (and less expensive) iPad seems like an obvious fit for schools and as a holiday gift for kids. We … Continue reading

Inspiration pour les développeurs iOS

Is There Hope for the Paid App? Sure there is. Just do what Starbucks does: Build an app experience that’s unique and doesn’t feel “easily replicated” Provide something the user sees as valuable to their daily life Package it such … Continue reading

WWDC 2012 Session Videos

Elles sont là ! Yeah ! via WWDC 2012 Session Videos – Apple Developer.

Emoticones sur iOS

iOS 5 has finally included a built-in Emoji keyboard without having to use a 3rd party app to unlock it. Go to General > Keyboard > International Keyboards and tap ‘Add New Keyboard…’, look for Emoji, it’s that simple. Je … Continue reading

Free apps eat up your phone battery just sending ads

Free apps eat up your phone battery just sending ads Les services d’Analytics (Google, Flurry, TestFlight Live, etc.) doivent probablement avoir le même impact. via Free apps eat up your phone battery just sending ads – tech – 18 March … Continue reading

App Store All-Time Best Sellers

Intéressant. Apple Names All-Time Top App Store Apps | News | The Mac Observer.

TestFlight racheté par une entreprise de publicité mobile

Ce service de bêta-test reste parfaitement fonctionnel, mais TestFlight a annoncé aujourd’hui son achat par Burstly, entreprise spécialisée dans la publicité mobile. TestFlight Live est un nouveau service qui offre aux développeurs, après publication de l’application, de nombreuses statistiques d’utilisation. … Continue reading

Slender, un nettoyeur de projets XCode

Slender is one of those rare tools that fits neatly between development and design. Instead of cutting corners or introducing artifacts with bizarre compression, Slender simply tells you which asset files aren’t being used. Along the way, you can also … Continue reading