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Matt Drance au sujet de Facebook Home

Matt Drance on Facebook Home: It gives Facebook the experience, confidence, credibility, momentum, and time to build a better and broader mobile experience than they would have been able to build otherwise. It’s as prudent as it is ambitious. (…) The … Continue reading

Sur les raisons de Facebook d’acheter Instagram

John Gruber : Yahoo had a chance to buy Google in 2001 but then-CEO Terry Semel didn’t pull the trigger. I don’t think Instagram is the next Google, but Zuckerberg sure as shit doesn’t want Facebook to be the next … Continue reading

Facebook lance “Listen With Friends”

You can listen to the same song, at the exact same time—so when your favorite vocal part comes in you can experience it together, just like when you’re jamming out at a performance or dance club . However, the service … Continue reading

Facebook, Google+ et YouTube façon web 1.0

Issu d’un projet d’art en ligne entrepris par Olia Lialina et Dragan Espenschied, Once Upon vous offre un aperçu de trois sites web à forte notoriété : les réseaux sociaux Facebook et Google+, ainsi que la plateforme d’hébergement de vidéos … Continue reading

Un tiers des employés Facebook millionnaires en 2012 ?

In 2012, Facebook will go public with a valuation of at least $100 billion.  (…) Today Facebook has 3,000 employees and 1,000 of them have enough Facebook shares to become millionaires. via One third of Facebook employees will become millionaires … Continue reading

Facebook et la théorie des 6 degrés de séparation

While 99.6% of all pairs of users are connected by paths with 5 degrees (6 hops), 92% are connected by only four degrees (5 hops). And as Facebook has grown over the years, representing an ever larger fraction of the … Continue reading