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Horrible Jeu sur iOS

ou comment défier la loi du marché avec des in-app products médiocres à 100$. iPhone Garbage: Super Monster Bros by Adventure Time Pocket Free Games – YouTube.

Matt Drance au sujet de Facebook Home

Matt Drance on Facebook Home: It gives Facebook the experience, confidence, credibility, momentum, and time to build a better and broader mobile experience than they would have been able to build otherwise. It’s as prudent as it is ambitious. (…) The … Continue reading

Réflexions sur Google Reader et la gratuité

Marco Ament : Free is so prevalent in our industry not because everyone’s irresponsible, but because it works. In other industries, this is called predatory pricing, and many forms of it are illegal because they’re so destructive to healthy businesses … Continue reading

The second screen obsession

The second screen obsession: Let’s instead be confident that we can tell wonderful stories, delight our audiences, and that in return our audiences will reward us with dollars and, more importantly, their undivided attention. (Via Svbtle Featured)

La même chose pour les femmes au Japon

Visitors pay JPY 150 per ten minutes to take advantage of the café’s facilities. The cost covers use of a sleeping room perfumed with a ‘healing’ aroma, a make-up space that includes free cosmetics and hair styling supplies, and mobile … Continue reading

Des lieux pour la sieste

The pods themselves, measuring 2.1 by 1.1 meters, are designed to hold one person for a short nap, with the option to book half an hour sessions for GDP 5.99 or a full hour for GDP 9.99. Je serais assez … Continue reading

Utiliser des plaques d’immatriculation pour contacter des propriétaires de voitures

Passersby who see a vehicle with its lights left on, blocking an exit or being vandalized, usually feel helpless to do anything about it. CurbTXT allows drivers to register their vehicle’s license plate and phone number, which is stored on … Continue reading

Le come-back du vinyle en chiffres

The value of the vinyl album market soared from £3.4m in 2011 to £5.7m in 2012 via UK vinyl market sees 70 per cent increase in 2012 | News | NME.COM.

Apple libère du temps pour les projets persos

The WSJ’s main focus is on a newer program called “Blue Sky” that allows certain staffers to spend “a few weeks on a pet engineering project.” This is apparently Apple’s version of Google’s “20 percent time,” where employees are allowed … Continue reading

Un bracelet pour détecter les surexpositions aux UV

The band works by utilising an acid release agent, which decomposes when exposed to sunlight causing the band to change color. There are different bands available to suit different skin types – so a person with fairer skin will find … Continue reading