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Fractional ownership

Springwise about the Nautical Monkey service : More practically however, the network also enables owners to find potential sharing partners they trust. Once a partner has been found, the platform’s “Resource Library” provides numerous example legal documents, which can be … Continue reading

Your Facebook activity, analyzed and immortalized in 28 glossy pages

Now in beta, Social Memories aims to give Facebook users a way to preserve their virtual lives in physical form. Users of the app, which is available in both German and English, begin by specifying the timeframe they’d like their … Continue reading

YouTube Parties

Sankharé trois ans à Dijon

Prêté cette saison par le Paris-SG à Dijon, le milieu de terrain Younousse Sankharé va évoluer les trois prochaines saisons en Bourgogne. Espérons que le transfert lui permettra de rebondir après ses promesses non tenues… Cf. cette vidéo qui date … Continue reading

TwUI : Fast Core Animation UI for the Mac

TwUI brings the philosophy of UIKit to the desktop. It is built on top of Core Animation, and it borrows interaction ideas from AppKit. It allows for all the things Mac users expect, including drag & drop, mouse events, tooltips, … Continue reading

Le rôle de Justin Timberlake chez MySpace

Tim Vanderhook sur le rôle de Justin Timberlake chez MySpace : Justin is going to be the creative force behind MySpace and help us drive the strategy of what the tools need to be for artists and what the community … Continue reading

Bon Iver – Holocene

Christophe Schenk au sujet du 2nd album de Bon Iver : Il plane au-dessus, bien au-dessus de la mêlée de cette première moitié dannée. Comment survit-on à un grand disque? En en signant un autre, de grand disque. Tout simplement. … Continue reading

Jarvis Cocker lyrics to be published

Jarvis Cocker, frontman for the recently-reunited Britpop wonders, is one of the all-time great rock lyricists. His words include layer upon layer of winky reference, sexed-up come-on, self-deprecating humor, and groanworthy pun– not to mention some truly heartfelt and wonderfully … Continue reading

Nouveaux disques durs externes LaCie

Les modèles desktop de 1 et 2 To sont vendus 140€ et 190€, et 110€ pour la version mobile de 500 Go. Des versions mobiles de 750 Go et 1 To sont aussi prévues, la première se réservant aux boutiques … Continue reading

Bright side of the lockout

The NBA lockout is on. The last time this happened in 1998 it took six months to resolve. There is one slight bright side to the lockout. Sprite commercials. Although, Grant Hill would probably fail to see this as a … Continue reading