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Horrible Jeu sur iOS

ou comment défier la loi du marché avec des in-app products médiocres à 100$. iPhone Garbage: Super Monster Bros by Adventure Time Pocket Free Games – YouTube.

Quelques principes de design par les développeurs de Polar

4 Surprising App-Design Principles, From The Instagram Of Quick Quizzes | Co.Design: business + innovation + design: Analyse de 4 principes de design de l’application Polar :  – Design For Distraction : l’app doit pouvoir être utilisée dans une main … Continue reading

Matt Drance au sujet de Facebook Home

Matt Drance on Facebook Home: It gives Facebook the experience, confidence, credibility, momentum, and time to build a better and broader mobile experience than they would have been able to build otherwise. It’s as prudent as it is ambitious. (…) The … Continue reading

Mise en place de l’après-Google Reader

Pour réaliser mon morning coffee, j’utilise Reeder sur iOS et Mac OS. Jusqu’à maintenant, ce logiciel s’appuyait sur un abonnement Google Reader. Avec la disparition annoncée de ce service en juillet, on attendait les services sur lesquels Reeder s’appuierait désormais. On … Continue reading

Réflexions sur Google Reader et la gratuité

Marco Ament : Free is so prevalent in our industry not because everyone’s irresponsible, but because it works. In other industries, this is called predatory pricing, and many forms of it are illegal because they’re so destructive to healthy businesses … Continue reading

The second screen obsession

The second screen obsession: Let’s instead be confident that we can tell wonderful stories, delight our audiences, and that in return our audiences will reward us with dollars and, more importantly, their undivided attention. (Via Svbtle Featured)

Quel âge avait Rimbaud ?

This pie chart is amazing..

The History of Climate Change Negotiations in 83 seconds – YouTube

The History of Climate Change Negotiations in 83 seconds – YouTube.

Virus Venn Diagram

xkcd: Virus Venn Diagram.

Local pub flowchart

Local pub flowchart.