Critique du scénario du film “42”

Mon pote Benoît m’a fait découvrir le site ScriptShadow, qui s’avère très intéressant pour tous ceux qui s’intéressent à l’art de l’écriture des scénarios.

Screenplay Review – 42:

I’ll say this until the day I die. It doesn’t matter how interesting a person’s life is. If the person themselves isn’t interesting, don’t write a movie about them.

On peut aussi lire ça sur le baseball, ce qui m’a surpris mais fait marrer.

Then there’s just baseball in general. The sport is dying. It was created in a time where people actually had patience. Where they were willing to sit and watch a 3 hour game practically built to be boring. It’s been on a downward slope for awhile now. There’s really only one compelling story left in the sport in my opinion, and that’s “When are the Cubs going to win the World Series?” They better hope it never happens because as soon as it does, baseball is dead in my eyes.

(Via ScriptShadow)

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