Réflexions sur Google Reader et la gratuité

Marco Ament :

Free is so prevalent in our industry not because everyone’s irresponsible, but because it works.

In other industries, this is called predatory pricing, and many forms of it are illegal because they’re so destructive to healthy businesses and the welfare of an economy. (…)

Much of our rapid progress wouldn’t have happened if we had to play by the rest of the world’s rules, and I think we’re better off overall the way it is. But like any regulation (or lack thereof), it’s a double-edged sword. Our industry is prone to many common failures of unregulated capitalism, with the added instability of extremely low barriers to entry and near-zero cost per user in many cases.

Mon intuition reste qu’à l’exception des très gros acteurs pouvant rentabiliser leurs services par de la publicité (Google, Twitter, Facebook), les startups offrant des services grand public ne voulant pas tomber dans le case ‘evil’ (en s’autorisant à vendre les informations de leurs utilisateurs à des tiers par exemple), doivent respecter la règle de Josh Lehman.

(Via. Free works – Marco.org)

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